Sharing From the Heart
Music is to the mind as sport is to the body




Music is a wonderful gift that can be enjoyed by all. However, as people, we are not all the same. Some of us may be more creatively gifted, whilst others more academically inclined. One student may wish to play just for fun, and another may aspire to be a rock star, or perhaps a concert pianist. These differing aspirations, may require different approaches to teaching. Music lessons should be fun, but also productive and fulfilling. Students should look forward to their lesson each week.

It is our responsibility as a music school, to get to know our students on a personal level. To understand what it is that inspires them. To learn what their strengths and weaknesses are, and to present the lessons in a way that best suits the students individual needs. Here at Doncaster Music Centre, modern and classical methods are taught in a range of music styles. Examinations and gradings are optional.


Lessons Duration: 30 Minutes (private lessons)


Lessons are paid by the term. Terms are generally 10 weeks in duration.

10 weeks: $360 ($36 per lesson) for all instruments except Violin, which is $370 ($37 per lesson).

New students can commence lessons at any point during a term, and need only pay the balance of the current term.

Terms And Conditions

24 hours notice is required when cancelling a lesson

Make up lessons can only be scheduled when 24 hours notice has been given

Students are required to commit to lessons on a term by term basis.

Lessons are non refundable.