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Music is to the mind as sport is to the body



One of the most profoundly beautiful instruments, the violin is a staple of classical music. Through learning the violin, students gain a thorough understanding of musical theory, while also developing a highly refined musical ear and feel. 

Although it is a difficult instrument to learn, the benefits are immense. In addition to development musically, students of the violin are afforded many opportunities to participate in school orchestras and performances. A highly versatile instrument, extra curricular activities and achievements go hand in hand with the violin. Being predominantly classical in nature, learning the violin also instils discipline and fosters self development.

At Doncaster Music Centre, all our lessons are one on one, ensuring lessons that are suited to every individual students needs- regardless of age or experience. If you would like more information or to book a violin lesson, please contact James. For information on prices, please see our lessons page.