Sharing From the Heart
Music is to the mind as sport is to the body



Sharing a quote from an article by Richard Letts
Executive Director of Music Council of Australia, Published in The Australian, 27th October 2012

Outlines the importance of Music.

”  …  Music also can contribute to the development of confidence, social skills, teamwork, self-discipline and much more. To make music well, the player or singer is using intricate intellectual, emotional and movement skills, often in a very exact way with other performers, for self-expression and communication.

There are physical changes in the brain accompanying repeated activity of any sort, so it is no surprise that the brain changes in response to regular musical practice.

But what appears to be unusual is that music-making invokes simultaneous activity in many brain centres, some of which are seats of other, non-musical skills. So those centres also will grow in response to musical activity, and there is greater integration of mental activity across the brain. That may account in part for music’s positive effect on the development of such a broad array of abilities.

The other thing about music is that kids love it. There are many instances where the addition of a good music program to an underperforming school has lifted test results, simply because on music days the kids turn up. If they are in school, they could be standing in the path of a fact, albeit accidentally. ”